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Sarah Stearns

Physical theatre artist currently based in Barcelona.

Available for commercial shoots and artistic projects. Touring original work to theater festivals.


I'm interested in the ocean and outer space. Women as neutral storytellers and as complex human beings. I'm interested in the place where art and science blur together, in art as a research tool and a way to look at the world.
I'm interested in community, languages and the loneliness of being a person.
I moved from the US to Europe in 2015. I changed country at a time when many face violence for trying to do the same. In my own adventures through the red tape of residency and work permits, I encounter again and again the question of borders and who gets to cross them. I speak three languages and wish I spoke more. Changing languages as a more-or-less adult, I'm struck by the inadequacy of words and the bliss of being understood. I find following instructions and formulas to be boring and difficult, but am fascinated by theoretical physics. I've been a pirate every Halloween since I was 13 years old, and I am terrified of deep water, though I worked on a ship for a summer.
These are the questions I'm playing with through original soundscapes, acrobatic spectacle, and tall tales about science and history. Please check out Theater to learn more about my current pieces, and the Calendar to find me at upcoming events.