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Sarah Stearns

Physical theatre artist currently based in Barcelona.

Available for commercial shoots and artistic projects. Touring original work to theater festivals.

I am fascinated by pirates, theoretical physics, the sincerity and simplicity of dance as a study of the body in time, the unknown of deep water, and the history of humans going about daily life, especially women, the working class, and other marginalized people.  

Tying my work together is the narrative thread of my own experience moving from the US to Europe, at a time when many have faced violence for crossing borders. In my adventures through red tape, I encounter again and again the question of borders and who can cross them. As a woman moving through the world on her own, I look for examples of women as complex human beings and as storytellers unburdened by cliches.

My creative process weaves historical research and scientific theory into movement, text, and audio. In rehearsal, stories and characters take shape, inviting audiences aboard sailing ships or into outer space. Through drinking songs and shadow puppets, contemporary dance and fairy tales, I ask: what does it mean that we are made of particles formed in the stars?

My recent work includes a dance-theatre piece with Astra Teatro, FronTerra, using migratory birds to examine the emotional implications of crossing borders, which debuted at Mutis Festival 2021 in Barcelona and was awarded Best Choreography, Best Cast and Best Show in the category of Dance Theater. Additionally, a solo piece, Navigate, where a ship’s figurehead comes to life and sets sail, was selected for the Prague Fringe and Galway Theatre Festival in 2020. 


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